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Application The original GISATEX® RG35 MULTINOPP is the ideal sound absorber for your engine compartment to get annoying and distracting motor noise under control. Even for sound insulation of walls, doors or entire rooms RG35 MULTI-NOPP is predestined. Material Properties The original GISATEX® RG35 MULTI-NOPP is a special open-cell polyester foam plate with very pronounced pyramidal structure that ensures an enormous sound absorption coefficient according to DIN 52215 by an average of 78% (100-1600 Hz). The operation is simple: make the sound waves to the stud structure and are reflected in the material until the energy is absorbed entirely. This airborne noise is literally "swallowed". RG35 MULTI-NOPP is severely resistant (up to 300 ° C), self-extinguishing, non-dripping and can therefore also be in direct contact with the motor! Processing RG35 MULTI-NOPP is thermoplastic and can be easily installed in any location and any room. The fixing is done by means of our adhesive type 135th.

Dim. 1mx1m, thikness 6 cm

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Special Adhesive Type 1805
Special Adhesive Type 1805

Characteristics The Type 1805 is a solvent-free, high-solids Einseitenkleber High Yield. He can pass well and attracts quickly. It is permanently elastic, resistant to aging and shows an excellent adhesion on various adhesive substrates. Application areas For bonding of lightweight mineral felts, artificial leather, textiles, nonwovens, foams, on galvanized, painted or treated in any other way against corrosion plates, GRP (in raw and machined condition), wood and wood painted surfaces. Styrofoam - lower wallpaper, polystyrene sheets, plan on absorbent substrates. Cork wall coverings with and without backing, Korkment, PVC coverings and mineral fiber boards. Technical characteristics The adhesive type 1805 is highly heat resistant. After Armstrong - Method 130 ° C were measured as an actual value. Beyond 130 ° C. the adhesive plastic. The cold resistance is approximately -80 ° C. The details of the resistance relating to the processed state. Color + Texture: light, beige, brush, spatula and rollable, viscous consistency Consumption: depending on the surface to be bonded and materials between 200 and 400 g / m2. Hazard Class: no. Type 1805 is non-flammable and non-toxic! Detergent: water and synthetic resin dilution Storage: up to 6 months at a temperature of max + 20 ° C Frost Sensitive! Necessarily protect against frost. For longer storage, cover with 10% water, glue. Important Note! It may settle ingredients because of their physical density. Good stirring ensures a consistent quality and impeccable aging assets Processing Recommendations The adhesive must necessarily be stirred well before use. Thorough agitation guarantees flawless mixing of basic substances. The adhesive surface must be properly prepared, ie dust-free, dry and free of grease and oil, or other anti-adhesive substances. Adhesive application The adhesive can be applied by brush or 10 cm long lambskin roller. It is essential, durchzuwalzen for completion of the assignment the entire area again with a filled roll, so even application takes place. Working time Ready to about 20-30 minutes; The installation time is dependent on temperature. High temperatures reduce and low temperatures lengthen the working time. The right time is when the adhesive can be lifted ply with your fingers. Periodically perform the finger test. Note that the adhesive has no initial adhesion. This is particularly important in the bonding of ceiling parts. In this bonding, please make use of the following method: Apply the adhesive by means of a lambskin roller to the blanket on. Take the pre-cut (approximately) material and press it into the wet adhesive bed to the ceiling. By the pressing, can be reached that the adhesive is removed from the ceiling and is now located on the back of the material. Store material and wait until the filamentous state sets (finger test). Then insert and glue immediately by rapidly pressing the material on the ceiling. When bonding on the side panels, especially in times of falling walls, you can insert the material directly after applying the adhesive. Flashing off is done automatically. Should the temperature in the room to be bonded is too low; You should warm up the room with a fan heater. After that you can expect an immediate Haftverklebung. Check the application: it must have been formed between the threads and the material to be bonded surfaces. You can arbitrarily off and fix the material during the thread count. If the adhesive have become glassy, ​​so swiping a little glue to the glassy surface. Glassy surfaces can form bubbles under the material. These figures are the result of carefully executed tests and practical experience. We strongly recommend that before final processing corresponding Probeklebungen conduct taking into account local conditions and the materials to be bonded. As we have no influence on the manner of use, a liability for failures can not be accepted. We would like to refer in this context to our Terms and Conditions.

Note glue the ADR product

Packaging is 750ml / box

Price shown is for 1 box

PRICE: 30 €

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