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About us

CHIP was established in 1992. in order to support maintenance of computer technology products. From primary idea CHIP company grew into just one of two local companies in Belgrade specialized for POS and bar code equipment.We try to offer our customers complete solution: equipment, installation, service, maintenance and supplies.We are also offering a complete range of POS peripherals to our end users as well as local dealers.


As a big fan of river navigation and boating,  founder of the company decides that in 2015 the market nautical offer products whose production will be under constant quality control of the company. This is made possible through personal ties of friendship with the owner of the factory for the manufacture of boats in China. In addition, by and cooperation with other factories in China and the Federal Republic of Germany, which also have their own certificates of quality, so that the complete range of products controlled by the spirit of ISO 9001 certificate.


CHIP certified its Quality Management Standard within ISO 9001:2008 standard for producing and services.Certificate is issued by side of IQNet (International Certification network) by registration number RS-Q-0585-IR.

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